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Requiring an auto loan in order to purchase your next vehicle is not an uncommon thing. After all, the chances of someone having a pocketful of cash to purchase a vehicle outright are quite small. That’s why at Brennen Ford we have a team of financial experts ready to help you navigate the complexities of finding the right car loan for your needs. Whether your credit is good, bad, or non-existent, we’ll help you get behind the wheel of a new Ford vehicle with as little fuss as possible. If your credit happens to be less than stellar, we can even offer tips and advice on how to boost it up. Did you know that getting a modest loan – like an auto loan – is beneficial in boosting your credit score? It’s true! Making regular minimum payments on your auto loan shows lenders what you’re capable of and helps your chances of applying for a larger loan in the future. Relax, you’re in good hands with the Finance Department at Brennen Ford.

Getting started with financing at Brennen Ford is simple. You’ll find our safe and secure credit application on our website and can get started from the comfort of wherever you have a WiFi signal. It’s fast, easy, and takes moments to fill out. Once you’re finished, press Submit and it’ll be sent to us to review. From there, we’ll contact you if we need any additional information and will then come up with a custom lending plan for you. It’s that simple. Let us help you get into the driver’s seat of your next Ford vehicle with the auto loan you need at the best rates available. Visit us online to fill out the credit application or come and see us in person and we’ll work through it together. We’re just a call, click, or short drive away and are always available to help you at Brennen Ford.

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